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Pietro Mascagni




Director: Fabio Ceresa


Choreographer: Mattia Agatiello

Set designer: Massimo Checchetto

Costume designer: Giuseppe Palella

Light designer: George Tellos

Theater Kiel

Production 2018

"Italian director Fabio Ceresa has adopted the opera double-bill, brushed it vigorously against the grain and watched whether there is still something behind the action. No Verismo: Instead, a symbolically and psychologically highly charged fantasy-oriented staging that roused the premiere audience in the Opera House to cheers.
Through the archetypal allegorical extensions of the figures, the whole piece gets a dazzling poetic component."




"The Italian director Fabio Ceresa has made visible a significant deep layer in a completely fascinating way in Pietro Mascagni's popular one-act play “Cavalleria rusticana”. It corresponds harmoniously and highly musically with the easterly theme, which plays into the plot in the truest sense of the word. What was always merely operatic-conventional becomes relevant in the Easter sacrament and crucifixion rhetoric between bread and wine, blood guilt and forgiveness."


Kieler Nachrichten


"Kiel. Scenic fireworks, musical festivals: The Kiel Opera begins its season with a grand double premiere. Italian director Fabio Ceresa drives the two-act play "Cavalleria rusticana" and "The Bajazzo" into a bombastic format. Accordingly enthusiastic falls in the end of the jubilation of the audience."

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