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Samuel Barber



Director: Fabio Ceresa


Choreographer: Mattia Agatiello

Set designer: Massimo Checchetto

Costume designer: Giuseppe Palella

Light designer: Fabio Barettin

Teatro La Fenice

Production 2020

“Fabio Ceresa muove i personaggi ed alcuni mimi con sapide invenzioni e garbata ironia, e ci salva dalla noia."



“The director has very little time in which to establish the characters so that the audience can connect with them, or to relate and sympathize with their reflections. It requires a sure hand and an imaginative approach for the work to be brought immediately alive, in a meaningful way. Ceresa was certainly up to the task, producing two finely crafted stagings which fully engaged the audience.”


"Ceresa managed to successfully bring life to the four distinct personalities and their very personal musings.”

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