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Gioachino Rossini



Director: Fabio Ceresa


Choreographer: Mattia Agatiello

Set designer: Sergio Mariotti

Costume designer: Giuseppe Palella

Theater Kiel

Production 2017

"The house had taken on the "Tell" and presented visually an opulent evening, which inspired by the overture. Already at the beginning the directorial concept of Fabio Ceresa became visible. He was not much interested in the freedom struggle of an oppressed country that had been transposed into the Swiss mountain landscape and personified in the seditious Wilhelm Tell. Ceresa further generalized, finding the artistic as endangered, which creates the identity of a community, to show that the very freedom of art is the most important asset of a community and must not be endangered by any tyranny or rule.
The visitor had to get involved in this staging approach. Everything was subjected to him, consistently and to the end.



"The cello becomes a sign: Free native identity arises in the cultural memory of a harmonious community - above all through language, customs, music, poetry and painting. That's what Jemmy dreams during the overture of an art-world ideal freed from all censorship. But such thoughts are immediately trampled on by barbarian henchmen and sustainably violated: for them, art is anarchy. The Italian director Fabio Ceresa understands Gioacchino Rossini's last and perhaps most important opera as a great parable. The historic-political Grand Opéra tableau recedes in favor of a general warning against cultural oppression. In the opulent costumes by Giuseppe Palella, reminiscent of historical oil paintings, the oppressed cling to their many musical instruments. Their sounds are forbidden weapons."

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