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Gaetano Donizzetti



Director: Fabio Ceresa


Choreographer: Riccardo Olivier

Set designer: Gary McCann

Costume designer: Giuseppe Palella

Light designer: Christopher Akerlind

Wexford Festival Opera

Production 2016

"Director Fabio Ceresa’s ironic approach to the opera’s ridiculous plot was terrifically effective; Ceresa brought a novel, comedic element to this opera. He also did a magnificent job of minimising the potential for gore by narrating the majority of the deaths through puppets often to wickedly humorous effect."



"The Wexford Festival’s intricate, handsome-looking production, directed by Fabio Ceresa, presents the action in a giant doll’s house. t’s a production which is at all times visually absorbing, and the convolutions of the plot are conveyed with commendable lucidity.


"Thanks to a fascinating concept and fine elaborated realisation by director Fabio Ceresa the clumsy composition is fresh up, faces a logical order and is not short of cynical and some comic injections."

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