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Giuseppe Verdi



Director: Fabio Ceresa

Choreographer: Mattia Agatiello

Set designer: Domenico Franchi

Costume designer: Giuseppe Palella

Theater Kiel

Production 2016

"Opera text and references to the psychology of the characters are densely knitted, highly aesthetic pictured in this terrific performance. Fantastic!"



"Director Fabio Ceresa has made the mechanisms baldly clear. Such illustrative representations of interior interactions, remote from flat realism, are the strength of the evening."


Kieler Nachrichten


"So refreshing, childlike and touching you rarely experience Gilda. Italian Fabio Ceresa focuses on simple but very effective pictures - and shows conspicuous sympathy for the women! These strong pictures are incredibly touching, showing compassionate approaches of women's solidarity in a male-dominated world."


NDR kultur



"Everything does rhyme so easily, in Ceresa's scenic poetry, bubbling with ideas.
The rock-heavy portal to the palace of the Duke of Mantua seems to be locked tight. But when it does open up, it always opens new eyes on some wondrous interpretations. The staging is rich in them. It was celebrated on the premiere evening with enthusiastic applause from the Kiel Opera audience.  In such attempts to make inner attitudes recognizable behind external events, a resolute creative will is shown by the young director Fabio Ceresa."

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